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Become A Smooth Talker On Stage In English (Trailblazer method)

By 2018-02-06március 29th, 2018Crash course, Public Speaking, Startup

In 2010, I decided to become a smooth talker on stage. We didn’t have a history of great speakers in Hungary back then, let alone quality courses in Hungarian, so all I could do was to go to an English Toastmasters Club.

You cannot imagine the frustration that I felt when I had to keep myself to speaking only English, though the room was full of Hungarians. I was craving to express myself in my mother tongue, but there was no option for that.

The challenge

Then I gave my first speech which made things worse. I started with desperately searching for the right words to use, but then I finally ended up standing there without a word, just waiting for the time to crawl by, while everyone was trying to stare at me encouragingly. (lucky for me it was an impromptu speech, so only 90 seconds of hopeless struggle did I have to stand)

I quickly learned that I had to figure out, how to get this language struggle out of the way.

Smooth talker on stage (Trailblazer)

After this stumble, still in the early years, I developed a method, called the “Trailblazer”. It helps you to give speeches that are rehearsed and spontaneous at the same time in a foreign language. You never again have to worry about forgetting a word and blacking out if you prepare based on the Trailblazer method.

In today’s freebie pdf (Smooth talker on stage in English – Trailblazer method) I give you this Holy Grail. After enough preparation, it will help you to become a smooth talker on stage. Even if it is not your mother tongue.

Practical walkthrough

You will read simple, practical tips on how to rehearse in a way that will give you the confidence on stage. It will help you to sound more spontaneous and fresh if you give a speech in a different language than your mother tongue.
Trailblazer is a method that works.

I didn’t want to put it here below because it would be longer than what the average blog post reader would read. However, I’m sure that those, that give speeches in foreign languages will definitely make good use of this method.

If I have your attention, just click here and enjoy the new knowledge, that will transform your frustration of speaking in a different language into the confidence of being able to amaze your audience in multiple languages.

Smoothtalker On Stage In English - Trailblazer Method

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