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Beware of connecting to your topic!

I was astonished by the findings of the public speaking research last time, so I could hardly wait to share with you the latest results. So here they come:

My initial thought

I have always thought that once you find your topic, the one that has a true meaning to you, that is close to your heart, it will help you to feel more relaxed, content.

(If you want me to cut to the chase, you will find the results after subscribing here: connecting to topic – good or bad)

Like when Neo realizes, he understands the Matrix and finds his meaning in it. His face and posture show completely no signs of stress. Just stands there and defeats agent Smith with only one hand. (I hope there is no one left, for whom I could have spoiled a 19-year-old movie classic)

The numbers found via the research on public speaking imply something different.

The setup

During the research, before every speech they gave, I asked the participants a few questions about preparation. One of those questions was: “How close is the topic to your heart?” (Scale 1-6)
Throughout the sessions 1 to 5, It was me, who gave them the topic. Then from session 6, they were free to choose the topic that felt closest to their heart.

The reason behind this method was that during the first few sessions, I wanted to guide them through an emotional journey, where they have to think about their fears and hopes, so they would learn what their limits are and give them the possibility to find their most beloved topic.
Then on session 6 and 7, we would work on the topic, that they found most connected to their heart.

My hopes

With this, I wanted the research participants to experience how relaxed they become, once they can talk about something that is truly important for them.

Like when you finally find your path: you get relieved from all the stress of trying to live up to others’ expectations because you realize, they don’t matter. You just have to walk your trail and all will be fine. (It worked out fine for Neo… at least for the first Matrix)

Then came the shocking results of the research

I hope it’s okay, that I ask for your name and email before I send you the results.

I am no scientist, therefore I would be glad if, in exchange for my research results, I could at least see that there are people interested in my hard work.

Don’t worry, I will only update you on the upcoming blog posts every two weeks, and you can unsubscribe any time you wish.

Connecting to topic - good or bad

Do you think choosing a topic that is close to your heart would decrease your anxiety? Think again.

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