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Gain their trust, now!

People have too many options when it comes to investing into a business, buying a car, or even watching a movie. They need help in the decision making. If you leave them unattended with their choices, they will look for someone else that they can trust, to help them.
If you want their support, then you have to gain their trust, now.

Word of mouth

It is just like word of mouth. If people find someone whose taste is similar, they give credit to their suggestions.
Think of movies. I would have never watched the movie Whiplash based on the trailer. My friends, however, insisted that it was a good film, so I gave in. And have to say, it was worth the time. Exceptional movie!

Show your heart on stage

Just like in the case of word of mouth, what you have to do in a speech is show your “taste”. “Taste” in this case stands for beliefs, hopes, and visions. Your audience wants to be sure you are on the same page with them in these fields before they listen to you. You have to show them your heart.

Share your beliefs

Let’s say, you are selling a car from the stage. If it is its reliability, that you are most passionate about, then you have to tell the reason why you are so passionate about reliability.
For this, your first task is to find your “why” for yourself. You have to dig deep inside of you and find a story inside your past that proves reliability is a key in your belief system.

Your story of tears

E.g. You had an older brother, that had to come for you after school when you were a little kid. Then one day he was not there on the agreed time. You trusted your brother, so you just sat down on the stairs of the school and waited. All your classmates had gone home in 30 minutes, but you were still waiting. Teachers went home in the next hour…. etc. You started to have doubts. “Did he forget me?” “Should I just start to walk home?”. Then in your desperation, just when you started to consider the idea of walking home alone in the dusk, suddenly you heard swift footsteps from behind the block. Your eyes brightened up as you recognized your brother running towards you. He grinned at you, approaching “Hey kiddo, you didn’t think I forgot you, did you!” You wiped out the tears from your eyes and with a trembling smile, you said. “I knew you would come.”
On that day you promised yourself, that there would be no chance you would let people down no matter what.

Gain their trust

With this story you build trust in your audience, that reliability is one of your most important virtues. Hence, there will remain no question that whatever you offer them will be covered at least from the reliability side. So trust is granted.

Now of course reliability might not be the key factor for everyone when it comes to choosing a car. However, if there is someone who finds it important, then you definitely will be their choice. They will be thrilled that they found someone who is as keen on reliability as they are and will be happy to take your offer.

Find your strongest virtue

The method above is an immensely powerful one to gain trust. However, it may seem easy, it takes time and often lots of conversations to find out the virtue you are proud of the most.

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