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Mindset before your speech

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What is your mindset before your speech?

Why are they around?

The audience comes to hear the solution from the guru:

  • Couch potatoes want to hear fitness champions how to take action.
  • Employees want to hear entrepreneurs how they started.
  • Smokers want to hear ex-smokers, how they quit.

Why do they need you?

Of course, if they took the effort, they might easily find the solution somewhere on the internet.

But they don’t want to take efforts.

They want to hear someone credible telling them what they want to know. Someone who has been “there”.

They didn’t come for the mere facts and data. No. They want to hear your solutions to their problems. So that is what you have to concentrate on. You have to have the right mindset.

And yet, what do you do?

Negative energy

A couple of months ago, at a conference, I stepped into the room, way before the start of the show.

I saw one of the speakers walking around with eyes open wide gazing at the floor and mumbling her speech to herself.

She was trying to recall every single piece of word that was written in her notes. She was too much into how to give the exact speech, that she rehearsed over and over at home.

But how can she concentrate on talking from the heart, when all her energies are directed towards her not screwing up on stage?

Get your mindset right!

So just before your speech, forget your notes and your fears. Bring forward your inner beliefs and thinking, because that is why the audience came.

Once they see you as credible, every word of yours will be seen as a stone that is to pave the path for their goals.

If you truly want to help your audience with your knowledge on the topic, here are 3 points to get into the right mindset.

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