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#1 secret to reaching your goal (Research p2)

What is the number 1 secret to reaching your goal? Here is a personal example.

My last blog post (What’s your cause? (Research p1)) was about how I found that I wanted to see proof if I was making change in people’s life by teaching them public speaking.

This was my “Why?” and “How?”.

Now comes my “What?”

Hopeful start

Last time I finished with arriving to the first Speak Academy course supported by VR headsets and all the equipment needed for gathering the data needed.

12 people and us. All ready to finally prove that the work we do with public speaking does actually have a fundamental effect on how people function in their everyday life.

All the speakers got unique Ids, filled out forms, got their blood pressure and pulse measured and noted.
This is what I saw.

And I was pissed.

I wanted to help conduct the research, but I was only a spectator.
As later it turned out. I was fortunate being left out.

The painful debacle

After a few sessions, some of the participants forgot their unique ID, which we had no choice of helping them to recover it.
Then some forgot to take the measurements before or after their speech.
Sometimes It was we, who forgot to bring the blood pressure meter or the VR headsets.

The whole data gathering became a real pain in the back… At least for those deeply involved… Not for me, the spectator.

By around session 7, Willy lost interest in the research.
The course went down as usual with the graduation speech at the end, but no usable data came out of it.
It seemed that it was done.

But not for me.

The decision to do the “What?”

Seeing the exhausting work of gathering the data didn’t lessen my thrill.
I realized that if I want results, it is me, who have to walk down the road.

I decided that I alone was going to conduct the research.

I told Willy my plan of working with a shorter course and doing the research there. He wished me good luck.

I read through the documents that Willy and the psychologist prepared. Got a blood pressure meter. Sat down and drafted my plan to two student organizations: the BME College for Advanced Management Studies and the Zielinski Szilárd College. Luckily they were willing to help.

Preparing the first step

I have never conducted a research before. Therefore I took time and thorough preparation. It felt like back in high school where I wrote down every word that the teacher said so no information could escape my attention.

I created the step by step process written and printed.
I named my documents in referral to the number of copies I had to print by every session. I prepared the needed envelopes with all the labels on them. I printed and cut unique Ids into same sizes.

Then on 2nd February 2017, after tremendous preparation, with not being sure where it will lead, with hopes that I can prove that the improvement we achieve at such a training is measurable, we started our journey together.

Two trainings with 12 people each, going parallel with the same requirements.

So what is the secret to reaching your goal?

8 months have gone by ever since then and my story is still ongoing. I will start publishing the first results in the coming blog posts, but let’s stop here for a second.

I promised the number one secret to reaching your goal. Well, here it is.

You have to start
making the first step.

I know it is not easy. As you can see, I’ve struggled with it myself, but without taking the first step there is no chance, you will reach the last.

Now that I have momentum, I can clearly see my goal closing in with every session.

Your “Why?” “How?” “What?”

In my previous blog post, I promised to give you the tools of how you can find your “Why?” “How?” “What?”
If you’ve read this long, I assume, you have already experienced something alike.

You might have had a thought defining moment earlier, that is responsible hugely for how you look at the world today. (Why?)

You might as well have seen people going down a way, that made you realize, that you can gather the tools necessary for your endeavor. (How?)

And by now you might have grown balls big enough to do what is necessary to make your vision come true. (What?)

I don’t say, it will pay well. I neither say, it will end well, but I can tell you, there isn’t any more satisfying feeling when looking at what you have achieved, you realize, that this has true meaning in your life.

This is what will make you proud.

This is what will keep you going.

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