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One-week prep challenge

Just prepare.

In high school, I was so much afraid of getting a B (Yes, a B!) to any exams, that I was always prepared.

That’s why can’t wrap my head around the statement that sometimes my clients make:

“Sorry, I did not prepare”

How? I mean… if you truly want to develop how can you not prepare?

I know there are quite some stuff you have to juggle with to make ends meet at home and at work, but still.

Can’t you get up 30 mins earlier one day a week? Can’t you spend 30 mins less time on Facebook? Or can’t you have lunch alone once in a while so you have time to think and create?

If you are going through a two-year English language class and you still haven’t tried to watch any videos, movies or tv-shows in English, then how do you expect to step forward?

If you are coming to a class to get better at public speaking, but you never have time to prepare your speeches, then how do you think you will advance?

So when you ask me: “Atis, I don’t feel I’m improving”

I could say, “Don’t worry, just make sure to come a bit earlier next time”, or “Try with a stronger opening”, or “focus on your movements”…

But all I really should say is:

Just prepare

There is no secret to it. I have given you all my knowledge. I have told you all my secrets. You know everything.

There is only one thing left: You have to put them into action.

How to use the “trick” of pause if you don’t know which is the strongest sentence in your speech?

How to gain attention with a dialogue in the speech if you don’t know who is having that conversation?

There is a simple solution to all the problems above:

Just prepare.

Three simple steps

  1. When you go home in the evening before you get out of your car, take your phone and write down the 3 things that got you: mad, sad and glad;
  2. While having the shower before going to bed, think of what stories you have to tell, so people would listen to you talking. After the shower, write them down;
  3. Then the next morning, before you suit up, stand in front of your phone camera with your notes and talk about the topic;

Can you imagine doing the three steps above every day?

This would take 30 minutes at most.

That would mean, in between our weekly sessions, you would spend 3 hours with preparation.

It would make an incredible difference if you spent 3 hours thinking and practicing your speech.

This is what would truly make you stand out of the crowd.

“I don’t have time for that.” – It’s easy to say that.

But what if you tried it?

One-week prep challenge

Only one week.

Spending 30 minutes every day practicing a skill? That would mean 6 whole days per year.

It’s like a one-month intensive training. (8 hours a day)

Can you imagine going for a one-month intensive public speaking training course, where you spend 8 hours every day with practicing? Can you imagine the change it would bring to your life?

Do you see my point?

What do you have to do in order to have this change in your life?

Just prepare.

The challenge

Pick a skill that you want to improve. Be it English, public speaking, chess, or small talk. Take up the one-week challenge with the three steps above and let me know how things have changed.

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