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Sell First, Brag Later

I get it: you are proud of your work. But where are my needs?

“The UX is easy to handle. I’ve spent all my money on the MVP.  And we have almost been accepted in a world famous incubator program.”

“Why should I care?”

Why should I care if I don’t know what good it does to me?

In your sales pitch, you want to address your customer’s problem, and show your solution to that problem. (More on this in The Pitch Canvas here)

You want to get the attention of your listeners. You want them to look up from their phone. Talking about all the hard work and the achievement with your company and product would not get the much-needed attention. They want to hear how their life will get easier, more profitable or more fun.

Talk about their needs

If you sell smartwatches to fitness people, talk about how they won’t have to wait for weeks to know how they are doing. They will instantly know the course of the progress, once they check it on their watch.

If you sell heated jackets for snowboarders, like Polar Seal, talk about how they won’t need plenty of layers on, when they go snowboarding in the mountains.

If you sell scooters for businessmen, talk about how much time they will save by using it and what they can do with that time.

Yeah, but what are their needs?

Health, Love, or Money.

In case of the scooters:

Health – with their freed up time, they can now go to train for the marathon they have always been dreaming to run.

Love – with their freed up time, they can finally arrive home earlier and spend some quality time with the spouse and kids.

Money – with their freed up time, they can take on more clientele and make more money.

How do I find out their needs?

Don’t say that your software would fit either if they had a huge manufacturing company, a school or even if they are shoemakers.

That way you want to talk to anyone but you will end up heard by no one.

You have to be clear who your target group is.

Once you have a clear idea on your target group, everything will get simple.

Real life examples? Real advantages? Real connection?

All you need is to clarify, who you are selling to. Even give them a name! 🙂 (Amy Porterfield talks about it with Jasmine Star here)

Get to know your customers

Get real-life examples from them. Then tell their story in your sales pitch and win their heart.

Once they are listening, then you can get into how proud you are of your product.

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