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Slides – How many is enough?

If you don’t have a good enough speech, then you can try all you want, but slides are not going to save your butt. They are like “5D” cinema: sure a good movie is even more enjoyable when the seat is trembling under you, but it won’t make a good movie out of a bad one. So the question comes: Do you need slides? And if yes, then how many is enough?

Two sides of the scale

The two extremities are:

  1. No slides at all – full performance
  2. Only slides – no performance

When there are no slides, the presentation depends fully on your personal performance.
On the other hand, if every word is written on the slides, the question remains: “Why are you there?” It would as well be enough to give them the slides. No performance needed in this case.

These are the two ends between which you have to find the golden mean. You have to figure out, how many is enough.

Is there a special formula?

No strict formula, but there are two questions you have to keep in mind throughout the whole preparation process.

  1. What is the best way to get my message across?
  2. Will another slide help me with that?

Sure an image of a cat will get you the obligatory “aww” from the audience, but it will not get them to think about your message.

What are the steps to find out how many is enough?

Six steps for the right amount of slides:

  1. Create your speech without slides.
  2. Rehearse it in front of a camera while recording.
  3. While watching it, check the parts, that are hard to understand by the listener.
  4. Think of ways to phrase it, so it would become more understandable.
  5. If there is no way to make it clearer, or it becomes obvious that a figure, or an image would help in understanding then…
  6. Create those inevitable slides

If your confident with your topic, and delivery, then those few slides that come out of the process above, will be just the right amount for you.

Why should I keep myself from creating a load of slides?

This way you save yourself a huge amount of hassle, that comes with slide creation. Then at the same time, the audience will not get distracted from the fancy style in which you deliver your speech.

As a result, there will be fewer slides and more YOU.

The initial reason why people are not reading your slides at home alone is that they want more of YOU!

Why not give it to them?

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