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Small Talk For Your Success In Business

It has finally arrived. Small talk training is here.

You know that feeling when in the morning you leave for a conference? Then as you walk towards your car, the cold November air and the leafless trees give you the signal that conference season has arrived.

You get into your car and head off to the venue. You know that none of your acquaintances will attend. No colleagues, no friends, no business partners. You try to calm yourself by chanting: “I go for the speakers. I go for the speakers.” But deep down you clearly know: this should be your time to make new connections. All attendees are potential partners, but all you can feel are the butterflies in your stomach.

This is the fear of networking

Don’t worry, you are not the only one to have it.

Social anxiety is the fear of being judged and evaluated negatively by other people.

Many of us walk on the face of the earth with smaller or even bigger social anxiety. Some of us even pretend not to be at home when a friend rings the bell at the door, but some of us only have a bit sweaty hands when introduced to new people. In fact, I know very few, who feel comfortable when meeting with new people. In my experience, this anxiety is rather common than unusual.

So worry not: most of those in that conference will feel the same way.

Not everyone is in the same shoes

During my public speaking coaching sessions, I came across lots of confident entrepreneurs, who told me, that “Atis, if there was a course to learn the techniques of small talk, I would sign up right away.”

Then we went into the conversation and it turned out, they are far from being unable to build relationships. They had little worries or anxiety. No, no, no. They were quite confident with chit-chatting and making business. What they truly wanted to learn, however, were the techniques to master connecting to the RIGHT people. And by “right people” I mean the people that would do good to their business. These guys and girls know their stuff. I’d love to give insights on how to connect to the “right people”, but for that to happen, you have to master the basics first.

Our first thought

So I teamed up with Gabor Marton and Eszter Lehoczky two veterans in training and HR and decided to pull together all our knowledge and see how we could help.

Interestingly, it turned out that we all had our two cents to put in. As entrepreneurs, we all had learned the ways to push our business by networking.

The process has become part of our life. The process of opening a conversation to a stranger then building trust and finally put down our offer.

So we decided to give away this knowledge through a training. First, we dreamt a six-months systematic bi-weekly course. 🙂

Then we realized, “Hey, we are not bold, naive 20 year-olds anymore. Few people can make that big of a commitment. Let’s stop and think for a moment!”

So we started from the other direction.

First step to learn small talk

We start with a teaser, where you basically only pay for your food and drink.

Next Wednesday (5th December 2018) at 6 pm, we are going to have a 2-hour meetup in Budapest, Hungary. (Tickets and more info here: Csevegj az üzleti sikerért) If you come, you will get some theoretical and practical pieces of advice. On top of that, you are also going to practice what you will have learned.

Unfortunately, it is going to be held in Hungarian. However, in the long run, what people like offline, will be uploaded online in a format that you will like.

Now be aware: This is going to be a basic teaser workshop: 3 misconceptions, 2 techniques, and an effective introduction.

If you want to learn about building trust and giving an offer, you will have to stay tuned a little bit further. 🙂

To make sure, you get the latest info, sign up below this post.

What the future holds

If you cannot make it next week, keep in mind: We plan to have a one-day training that will transform your nerves: Instead of feeling miserable, when leaving a conference with no new business cards, you will feel the excitement, as you drive home with all the uplifting new connections in your pocket.

Are you in?

For more info on small talk, check out this link and sign up through the “Learn To Small Talk” form below.


Learn to Smalltalk

Not everyone is a natural born talker. Still the skill of casual smalltalk can be learned.

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