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This happens if you wait for the right time

They say, “You have to be in the right place at the right time”.

A couple of days ago I met a guy, who had a startup with a massive funding. Not only the physical product’s manufacturing had needed a load of money, but there had also been software development, and he had also needed to buy a building for HQ. By the time we met, he managed to make that all happen.

Sure there are such success stories out there but rarely have I the opportunity to ask the person something personally, that I have always been curious about regarding people with apparent success.

”How did you dare to take the chance?”

And in this case, I got an honest response.

“Not too long ago my mother got seriously ill. An illness that got her bankrupt. By the time I’ve learned about it, I also learned that she had other debts as well. All in all, she was owing around 2million Euros. Money, that she would never have been able to pay back.

I quickly realized, that as her heir, it was me that would have to pay the bill. I wasn’t making bad money, but even saving my entire income would have cost me 50+ years to pay back the whole debt. On top of it, I was a widowed father of two.

You know during school at maths class, you are taught that there is always a logical solution to an equation?
In this case, there wasn’t any.

I have always had lots of ideas waiting for me to bring them to life, but I kept waiting for the right time. Now there I was, completely lost, full of debts, no emotional or financial support, along with the responsibility of raising two kids.

I realized since there is no logical solution to my desperation, there is only one thing that I can do.

I have to go with the crazy solution.

This is the right time

In that time of desperation, I put my whole heart and money in the invention I believed in the most.

Today here we are. All debts paid back. Selling the product of my own invention and owning this beautiful building. It’s a constant fight to penetrate the market with this product, but it is nothing compared to that moment when I felt so desperate that I thought there was no way out.“

This guy left me stunned

Throughout my whole childhood, I was given the guidelines on how to live a safe life.

It wasn’t only about looking both ways before stepping on the streets. But also in school instead of spending time with friends, I learned day and night to make sure I did everything to get those ‘A’s. I never spent a penny without researching first if there was a cheaper toy with the same functionality.

And finally, I never dared to step off to a road that hadn’t been walked on before.

I came a long way ever since.

Still, I have always adored those who were trained differently. They had the faith that if something went wrong, they would still be able to get out of the pits.

A couple of days ago, when I met this guy, I finally personally met with an example of how to get from playing it safe to taking risks and winning.

There is only one question that remains.

Is there another way?

Can you take that huge of a risk even if you’ve been trained differently? Without the drama, or tragedy in life. Is there a way to just one day wake up and say: “Ok, I’m going to do this”?

If you’ve got your own example of change, please share it with me through my contact site. (Or with all readers through the comments below)
I believe there always has to be more to it, than just one simple decision on a cloudy winter morning.

Tell me the story, so that we all can learn from it.

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