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Want the funding? Start pitching!

I love Richard Branson’s motto: “Screw it – Let’s do it!”

When starting a business, you cannot know for sure if you will succeed. You just have this gut feeling, that this has to be done. Then after a few sleepless nights you either drop the idea and carry on with your everyday life, or you just say

“Screw it – Let’s do it!”

If at the end you can’t sell it, then at least you will have created something.

The same applies to when it comes to pitching. If you want the funding, you have to start pitching.


I understand you:

You want to have the perfect product before you pitch it. You are concerned, what if they don’t like it? What if they find flaws in it?

What if they are right? But still, if you want the funding, you’ve got to start talking.

Why should I still pitch?

I’ve got a special freebie just for you:

An interview with Attila Szigeti, who pitched a product – that was far from even prototype phase – so well, that he won all the competitions he attended to. He got all the support, which took him to Startup Sauna to Finland. There he learned from top experts about where the true flaws of his idea were and what were his true pivot options.

He had the balls to stand out there and talk about something that would have been easy to find a flaw in. Didn’t contemplate much on

– What if they ask questions that I don’t have the perfect answer for?
– What if they ask me to show numbers and I can’t?
– What if they just accuse me of being a fraud?

He just said, ”Screw it – Let’s do it!”

He gave such a remarkable speech that it mesmerized his audience and skyrocketed him into the startup world becoming an expert on startup studios and even writing a book on it, called Startup Studio Playbook.

So all in all: Want the funding? Start pitching!

Want to know the key to his secret?

We sat down with Attila last week to talk about how he managed to take that threatening step. I have prepared a pdf freebie on this discussion, that you can download here.

When he walked on stage, he was calm enough to be able to speak audible words instead of just mumbling to himself. He had his message clear enough so that the audience didn’t have to figure out “What the hell is he trying to tell us?” And finally, he was able to smile instead of just having that pale My-god-when-will-it-end look on his face.

So along with having the balls, there was another secret to his success:

He had the practice of a confident public speaker.
His practice gave him that confident stance, look and voice, that investors were looking for to place their bet on.

How to practice?

To have that confidence, you can either hope for the miraculous touch that will transform you, or you can do as Richard Branson says: “Screw it – Let’s do it”.
Stop contemplating on what could happen “if” and start practicing the tools.

Start with “Uhm”-ing.

In your next conversation with your spouse, ask them: “Honey, in the coming 10 minutes, I am going to explain something to you and while I talk, I want you to count my uhms”.

Then, when you see the shocking “Uhms/minute” number, you can start to do something about it.

Let me know your number in the comments below.

If you want to change that number (I mean decrease. :)) contact me on my contact site.

If you want to know how Attila went from zero to Startup Sauna, just download today’s freebie. This will also help you to learn how to increase your chances.

Take the first step today!

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