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Imagine that liberating feeling when you talk about your beloved passion and 300 people are listening to you mesmerized. They don’t talk, they don’t check their phones, all they do is listening to your words and to the character that shines through your speech.

This is not how you usually feel when you make it to the stage, is it?

You are not alone. In the past 5 years I helped hundreds of passionate entrepreneurs to create and present engaging, thought provoking speeches and turn their audience from “meh” listeners into full hearted fans.

I know Your Story

It all starts with the pleasure of being asked to give a speech at a conference. You heatedly sweep out your calendar to make sure that there is room for this opportunity. On the same evening you sit down to your desk prepared to change the world. Your notebook and pencil lay neatly in front of you waiting for interesting thoughts to jot down. Then after a few contemplative minutes spent with the question of “What would be the best way to tell my ideas?” these troublesome thoughts emerge out of the blue:

  • What part of my business shall I talk about?
  • How can I be sure that they will like and understand me?
  • Will I be able to get and maintain their attention?
  • Will I be able to involve them?
  • Should I be concerned about them noticing my anxiety?
  • How can I profit from the situation as a whole?

And with these questions panic kicks in. Suddenly, checking your emails, ordering new business cards and even walking the dog comes forward…

And from that point on you’ll try to procrastinate preparation as long as you can. But you can only do this until the unavoidable last 24 hours come. One day before the speech, there is no more business calls to make, no more kid’s toys to repare, and also the dog can pee only so many times.

Deadline is around the corner, you have got to start preparing. 

You jump to your desk – the empty paper ruthlessly staring back at you. You desperately try to figure out whether it is the structure, the slides, the delivery or the rehearsal that you should put your focus on during these last few hours. If only you had a checklist with the most important  steps...

In your  distress, you reach for the powerpoints that were created for a way different occasion a few years ago. You try to cut and paste all relevant points and pray that your unpreparedness will remain unnoticed while reading out loud what’s on the screen.

Then the next day, after a sleepless night, you walk on stage all washed-up and secretly wishing you’d never have taken this assignment in the first place. Because from this point on all you are pulling for is to “wrap it up quickly and get out of there”.

Do you like this exhausting process of preparation?

Do you like thinking of the coming presentation with anxiety?

Do you like giving mediocre speeches?

If your answer to any of these questions is “No”, then I have good news for you: 

I can help you to step into a world where excitement takes the place of anxiety, where state of flow takes the place of the stress of preparation and where your exceptional character takes the place of a mediocre speech.

 My Story

My first memory of a moving speech was Skip Ross speaking about Dynamic living at a Network 21 convention. I remember how he started with a simple definite sentence: “This morning I woke up early.”
No heavy words, no meaningful unique quotation, just a simple statement, but I couldn’t but listen to his low tone, wise thoughts delivered in a playful, but well-structured manner. I wanted to listen to it over and over again. It was no question that I believed there was a way to “live life to the fullest” as he phrased it. 

Ever since, I eagered to be on a stage and be listened to like he was.
However, life got in the way for the next ten years.
Then eventually, after those ten years, after finishing college, opening and also closing down a business and quitting my 9 to 5 job, finally some spare time freed up.
I gave a call to Willy Benko – a leader in the East European Public Speaking scene –  and with his mentorship I started the journey  of learning the ins and outs of effective motivational speaking.

A lot has happened since then

  • Gave speeches at the annual event of BNI Hungary, at the Management Academy by BME College for Advanced Management Studies (MSZK), at the Startup Pirates Budapest event, at a series of events, organized by the hungarian National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers, at the Passioners event and have been hosting the graduation dinner of Speak Academy in the past 2 years.
  • 3 times Budapest Toastmasters Club champion(Hungary’s biggest Public speaking club at the time).
  • Toastmasters area contest Winner 2013
  • Trained more than 500 people from NGOs to high profile executives including Lufthansa Systems Hungary, MOL Group Nyrt, Gradex Kft., CEU Business School, Budapest Metropolitan University and Speak Academy by William Benko.

By today I’ve learned that to be effective, persuasive delivery is not enough.
You need practise and firm belief in yourself and also in your topic.

Skip Ross wasn’t only credible because of the way he was presenting.
But because he truly lived the life he was talking about.

Lead by Character is not only about how to give a memorable speech,
but also how to become the person who is worth to be listened to.

In spite of me calling you to learn exceptional speaking, I believe right now it is the last 24 hours before the speech that interests you the most.  

To show you how stress free preparation can be even in the last 24 hours, I’ve created a checklist, that can help you in those few hours left with focusing  in the most effective way. 

24 Hours To A Memorable Speech

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